Enrolment at Year 7

Enrolment for 2022

Thornbury High School currently has a ceiling on enrolments with a maximum of 200 student places at Year 7. All applications are individually reviewed, however placement is only guaranteed for students when Thornbury High is their designated neighbourhood school; that is it’s the school closest to their permanent home address.


All available places are allocated in accordance with the priority order of placement set out by the Department of Education and Training:

  • Students for whom the school is the designated neighbourhood government school.

  • Students with a sibling at the same permanent address who are attending the school at the same time.

  • Students seeking enrolment on specific curriculum grounds.

  • All other students in order of closeness of their home to the school.


Students have the choice of enroling into our mainstream program or applying for the Concept program.


In the mainstream program all students receive challenging but appropriate work in line with the Victorian Curriculum. Elective choices begin at Year 9 and there is a wide range of VCE acceleration options for Year 10 students. There is also additional support for students in literacy and numeracy where needed.


The Concept program runs from Years 7 to 9 and is designed to extend and challenge high ability students whilst engaging with the mainstream curriculum.  Students develop their skills and knowledge by exploring content at a conceptual level, emphasising depth of understanding. Students must apply to enter this program and there is a formal selection process including testing.


2019 Year 12 results 

  • The median study score at THS was 31 (above state median) for the first time in the school’s history.

  • 11% of students achieved ATARs of 90 and above (up from 3% in 2018).

  • 30% of students achieved ATARs of 80 and above (up from 14% in 2018).

  • The average ATAR was 70.5, above the state average and an increase of over 6 points from 2018.

  • The percentage of study scores 40 and above was 6.2% (up from 2.9% in 2018).

  • Our school dux achieved an ATAR of 99.2

  • student achieved a perfect study score of 50 in Psychology.

  • 92% of VCAL students successfully achieved their certificate.


Recent highlights

  • Stage one of the school’s Masterplan, a new Performing Arts and Sports Centre, was completed.

  • Self-funded improvement works including a significant upgrade of the Year 7 Centre.

  • All Year 7 and 8 students had the opportunity to learn an instrument free of charge. This has been made possible through the ongoing work of the Music Parents Committee and local organisation support. This program continues for 2021.

  • The 2020 school production of 'Matilda the musical' was a huge success for students and staff involved.


Plans for 2021

  • Continued focus on achievement, engagement and connection in all areas of the school.

  • Start the development and construction of our new $14.9 million STEAM centre.

How to Apply

If your child attends Year 6 at a government primary school, your primary school will give you a Parent Transition Pack.  This pack contains information about the enrolment process and timeline and includes an Application for Year 7 Placement Form. This  needs to be completed and returned to your primary school. On this form you will be asked to list three secondary schools in order of preference. Please consider the schools and where you list them on the form carefully as this may have an impact on where your child ultimately ends up being placed. 

Your primary school sends the completed form to your first preference high school. If unsuccessful, the form is then sent to the next school of preference and so on until your child is placed in a school. Your primary school will notify you regarding the school where your child has been placed. After this, the secondary school will make contact with you regarding your child’s enrolment.


If your child attends Year 6 at a Catholic or independent primary school, you must apply for enrolment directly through Thornbury High School.  Apply via the Application for enrolment - Students from non-Government primary schools. Applications for 2021 are due Friday 14th May 2021.


If Thornbury High School is not the closest government school to your home and your child does not have a sibling enroled who will be attending at the same time, you must complete the Curriculum Grounds Form.

This form should be submitted, along with supporting documentation, with your Application for Year 7. This applies for both government and non-government school applications. You will be notified in August where your child has been placed by your primary school.

Find my School.

For parents the new Find My School Department of Education and Training website enables you to easily see your zoned school. You can place your residential address in the Search function and find your local school. This is a great development and will make school selection more transparent.

If you are seeking enrolment after the start of the academic year, please follow the year 8-12 Enrolment process.

Enrolment Years 8 - 12

How to Apply

Students currently in Years 7-12 seeking enrolment must complete the online Enrolment Enquiry Form and submit it along with a copy of their most recent school report.  Proof of address must be provided if the application is being sought based on designated school claim.

The manager of the year level where enrolment is sought will contact the applicant regarding their enquiry.  The application will be considered based on whether Thornbury High is the applicant’s designated school and/or curriculum grounds.

If you have any other queries regarding the enrolment process, please contact the General Office on 9480 4066 and select Option 7.