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Achieving at

Thornbury High School

Our culture of high expectations, engaging curriculum and emphasis on literacy has contributed to our consistently strong VCE results. Our median study score of 31 is above the state average, placing us in the top 10% of all government schools.



Incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, evidence has shown than STEAM based professions are enduring and continually developing as we become an increasingly technological society.  These disciplines work in harmony to create a future that is under construction, one where technology, science, maths and the arts are crucial. The 21st century enterprise skills of digital literacy, communication and problem solving are essential to STEAM programs. 


Literacy can be broadly defined as the ability to interpret and create texts with accuracy and confidence. It is perhaps the most fundamental skill for success in school and later life. At Thornbury High School we recognise literacy is both general and domain specific. Not only do we put our wonderful library at the centre of the school, we also ensure all our teachers are skilled teachers of vocabulary, comprehension and decoding. 


Global competencies are the knowledge and dispositions that young people need to meet the opportunities and challenges posed by globalisation and intercultural encounters.  Global competence requires knowledge and understanding of global issues, as well as intercultural knowledge and understanding.

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