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Our students develop an understanding of a world beyond school, developing the skills necessary to become productive members of a future society and workforce.


In Year 7 and 8, Science students critically analyse data collected from experiments; while in Maths they work with number patterns and equations to solve theoretical and practical problems.  Working within the parameters of a brief, Technology students use the design process to engineer a final product, whereas in Visual Art themes from contemporary Australian artists influence students’ creativity.  Our unique Year 7 and 8 Performing Arts program allows each student to learn an instrument and perform in ensembles.


Complimenting our mathematics and science programs, Year 9 and 10 students can specialise into Robotics, Digital Design, Forensics and Technology.  Our filmmakers create content for the school’s Youtube channel and our school productions rotate between much-loved musical productions and bi-annual student-developed feature film productions. CREATE week is our arts and technology VCE showcase.


VCE students can study psychology, theatre, music, mathematics, media, studio arts, biology, food, physics, chemistry, and visual communication and design.

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