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Literacy across the curriculum

We recognise that literacy skills are both general and subject specific.  Throughout our English program, students engage with increasingly complex literature.  They write for audience and purpose and articulate interactions with peers and teachers.  Poetry, film as text, current affairs, classic and contemporary; students work across literary mediums.  Options to study creative writing, journalism and literature develop students’ passion for writing.


Our approach develops students’ capacity to read, write and communicate effectively in all subjects with explicit, subject specific vocabulary. Students navigate between subtly different forms of communication and vocabulary use as they move from one class to another.  Science students use the terms evaporate, condensate, sublimate to learn about the changing state of water. In English they learn argument and persuasion. Students studying a Geography unit on food security discuss genetic modification, argument and waste. In Health the terms love, sex and relationships are central to discussions.  Business Management students explore entrepreneurship, innovation and competition. In General Maths an understanding of application, interpretation and elevation are essential.

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