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Our students discover new passions outside the classroom. We know that when people look back on their time at school, these experiences are often the most formative and memorable. 


Students engage with activities that foster interest, present challenge, inspire new experience and build connectedness.  Opportunities to learn outside the classroom are crucial to educating the whole person.  Connecting to and complementing the teaching and learning program, students compete in sporting teams, perform in music ensembles, travel interstate and overseas, speak publicly and debate.  Through these experiences students develop strong connections to the school, their peers and teachers.

Student Leadership, Voice and Agency

Leadership potential is inherent in all people.  It’s an ability to listen and clarify issues. To advocate with an increased sense of responsibility to help others, to model expected values with a growth mindset.  Students need a voice to communicate ideas and opinions, to influence change and work with adults around what and how to learn.

Engaging at

Thornbury High School

21st Century Enterprise Skills

21st Century Enterprise Skills are the transferable skills that enable young people to engage with a complex world and navigate the challenges they will inherit in the 21st Century.  Enterprise skills are not just for entrepreneurs; they are skills that are required in many jobs. They have found to be a powerful predictor of long-term job success. 

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