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Health and Wellbeing

Through our Health and Physical Education program, students learn to work with others, celebrate diversity, develop the skills for an active lifestyle and minimise risks.  In Health students explore relationships & sexuality, alcohol & other drugs, nutrition and mental health & wellbeing. In Physical Education and Sport they participate in a range of activities including soccer, Australian rules football, tennis, basketball, athletics, swimming and volleyball.  They measure and monitor their own fitness over time. Year 9 and 10 students elect to study outdoor education, sports coaching, health and exercise science; while VCE students can choose physical education or health and human development.


Promoting mental health and wellbeing is the core role of our specialist wellbeing team, helping students flourish in their education journey, build resilience against adversity, develop protective factors from mental ill-health and provide them with skills and confidence to self-seek help for early intervention.  Programs run by headspace, SAFEminds and Respectful Relationships develop students’ skills and knowledge, building the resilience needed to engage positively in life within and beyond school.  Our wellbeing team provides support to individuals and groups of students when specialist care is needed.

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