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Our Subschools

Our safe and orderly environment and commitment to excellent are fundamental to student learning at Thornbury.  Subschool leaders have high expectations ensuring students are in class, on time and ready to learn.  Students wear their uniform well and speak to others respectfully.  Subschool teams oversee the year level program. Activities and camps, connecting with peers, organisation, punctuality, uniform, reviewing academic progress and celebrating achievement are central to the work of our subschools.

In each year group we have a manager and two teacher coordinators who give their students the skills, routines, motivation and boundaries they require to excel.  Our two most vital transition year groups, year seven and year twelve, also have their own dedicated centre within the school. For the year sevens, this is about ensuring a smooth transition into secondary and these students have their own classroom and recreational areas. For the year twelves, it is about protecting the Senior Study Centre as a silent and productive space where they can prepare for their final exams.


Our careers team works closely with students, developing an individual pathway plan that supports subject choices, work experience, VTAC applications and university offers.  Our biennial ‘industry day’ connects students to people working across a range of vocations. 

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