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Connecting at

Thornbury High School


Young people thrive when they feel safe, happy and connected.  Our focus is on supporting all students to develop the habits necessary to face challenges and achieve success.

Our Subschools

Divided physically and organisationally, the program at each subschool (year level) is led by a team of three teachers.  Taking a holistic approach, the team work collaboratively using multidisciplinary approaches.  They focus on the range of goals, aspirations and needs of children, young people and families. Students’ pathways through and beyond school are managed by subschools.  Subschools are in discrete parts around the school where lockers, recreational spaces and classrooms become the students’ place to be. 

Health and Wellbeing

Students’ physical, mental and social health underpin their active engagement in learning. An environment that facilitates students being physically active and one that limits recreational screen time is important at school.  These actions develop positive, life-long healthy behaviours.


Students experience increasing social and academic pressures as they move through the school years.  Young people are growing up in a world driven by new technologies and economic globalisation. Their future means they need a new set of cognitive, social and emotional skills for success. Through realising their potential they develop an ability to deal with life’s normal stresses and can work productively across a range of contexts. Being able to positively interact with others and experiencing a sense of belonging are key elements of a student’s school experience.

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