Peer Support & Mentoring

Thornbury High School is proud to promote the Peer Support Program, an initiative that promotes integration across year levels through student-led mentorship.

The Peer Support Program engages Year 7 students in the school community through mentorship with senior students, providing them with a supportive environment in which to develop their own individuality.

The program involves senior students as active participants in the teaching process, and through practical experience, they develop communication and leadership skills, as well as a greater awareness of their own abilities.

The small, family-sized groups, each under the leadership of a senior student, provide security and friendship to help juniors successfully adapt to high school life. This is particularly valuable to Year 7 students, who may be having difficulties transition to an unfamiliar social environment.

Thornbury High School strongly believes in the power of student-to-student education, and provides opportunities for peer-to-peer tutoring, mediation, and advice.