Newsletter – September 21st 2018

Principal’s Report

Netball courts officially opened

Our new netball courts have been officially opened by the Victorian Minister for Sport, John Eren. This was a $1 million dollar project funded by the State Government in conjunction with Sport and Recreation Victoria. The school will benefit from these new facilities but so will the wider netball community who will have an after-hours venue for training and competition. Once the weather improves, the builders will return to complete the final touches – an acrylic surface and permanent line marking. Thanks to all students and staff who have been so patient throughout the construction process.


Parents of students in Years 7 and 9 should have received their child’s NAPLAN results for 2018. While these contain some useful information, it is important to remember that they are a point-in-time measure and statistically much more reliable at a class and school level than at individual student level. As a school we deliberately do not “teach to the NAPLAN” and we use the data it provides as one of a number of sources of data to measure student progress.

Michael Keenan,

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