Newsletter – November 23rd 2018

Principal’s report

Year 7 Students Star at Principal Forum

On Thursday 15th November, school principals and their leadership teams from across the North East of Melbourne gathered for a forum that examined high level data and a summary of the achievements in our region over the last 3 years. We also renewed our focus on the best ways to continue improvements in teaching and learning for 2019.

One of the highlights of the day was a music performance by Thornbury High Year 7 students together with Fairfield Primary students. The students performed brilliantly, the culmination of so much work across both schools led at Thornbury by our Performing Arts leader Emma McCulloch and her team of classroom and instrumental music teachers. The feedback from fellow principals was overwhelmingly positive and a little bit envious of the program we have in place.

Year 12 Exams Finished

By the time you are reading this, exams will have finished for all Year 12 VCE students and Year 11 students completing Year 12 subjects. The feedback from The Year 12 team and our exam supervisors is that students have approached their exams with great focus. I hope students are rewarded for their efforts and are now enjoying a thoroughly welldeserved rest. Thank you to all the families supporting their daughters and sons through this challenging time

Planning for 2019

It’s halfway through the term and planning for 2019 is in full swing. Classes and timetables are almost complete and 2019 orientation will soon commence for both Year 11 and 12 students after their exams are completed. We also held a very well-attended transition evening for our 2019 Year 7 students and their parents.

We have employed a number of new staff to replace staff going on leave or transferring to other schools. I will have more information about the new staff in a letter to parents before the new school year begins.

Michael Keenan, Principal
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