Middle School

Year 9 & 10

Thornbury High School’s Middle School offers a fantastic mix of core subjects and new experiences, designed to give students as much exposure as possible to all learning areas before beginning life in the Senior School. Our Year 9 and 10 curriculum encourages a greater depth of engagement across all areas of study, and specialisation through electives allows students to shape their future more directly.

The Year 9 program at Thornbury High offers a wide range of curriculum-based opportunities and specialised programs to develop students thinking, interpersonal, and social skills. Students at Year 9 level are expected to take greater responsibility for their own learning, and are encouraged to supplement their core study with a number of elective subjects. Electives provide students with the opportunity to explore multiple areas of interest, and provide a strong foundation for further study in later years.

Year 9 students are also involved in an annual camp (currently held at Phillip Island), and participate in Urban Week, a CBD-based series of excursions and research-based day trips, at the end of Term 2.

Elective studies undertaken at Year 9 level may be continued in Year 10, which provides foundational support for further study during VCE. Year 10 students may also elect to study Unit 1 & 2 of a VCE subject while in Year 10, or undertake the VET (Vocational Education and Training).

Elective studies include:

  • Crime and Law
  • Information Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Visual Communication
  • Photography
  • Media
  • Woodwork
  • Music
  • Drama & Theatre Studies
  • Sport & Recreation
  • STEM Robotics
  • Languages

Leadership, a sense of belonging and self worth are achieved through strong pastoral programs, numerous extra curricula activities, camps, alternative programs, scholarships, competitions and Peer Support.

Access to career advice, work placement and tertiary information provide a great advantage to the students in planning their futures. Careful counselling assists students in shaping subject choices without closing off options in the VCE.