Visual Arts

Art | Photography | Visual Communication & Design

The Visual Arts Department is exceptionally diverse in what it offers students, with subjects ranging from visual art, visual communication and design, digital and darkroom photography, street art, printmaking, digital art, architecture, and much more.

Teachers are passionate about their craft, and are continually reviewing curriculum to meet student interests and needs. We believe the study of the creative arts is vital to the personal and creative development of each student, teaching them important skills about creativity, persistence, analytical writing, problem solving, and discipline that endure long after graduation.

Student work is celebrated throughout the year, with ongoing exhibitions around the school. The Visual Arts are also the focus of CREATE, a week-long, school-wide showcase of senior work, which demonstrates their artistic professionalism and visual flare.

Study of the Visual Arts is not only fun and academically rewarding, but can also lead to many exciting careers, such as: graphic designer, visual artist, photographer, industrial designer, architect, advertising director, game/character designer, and fashion photographer (to name a few).

Highlights include:

  • The Art & Design Camp, immersing Year 11 visual arts students in visits to the NGV, ACCA, the Melbourne museum, painting and drawing workshops, and curation masterclasses.

  • The annual Creative Futures night, which continues its tradition of inspiring and informative keynote addresses, providing students with invaluable insights into career pathways in the arts. Guest speakers in 2016 included filmmakers, visual artists, graphic designers, and a Masterchef contestant.

  • The Visual Arts and Technology KLA celebrated their first ‘Colour Day’, with many hilarious and delicious activities. The day was a huge success thanks to the hard work of the teachers and students who got involved.

  • Year 12 Visual Communication and Design student tours of Top Designs VCE Season of Excellence exhibition, and the informative AGIdeas forum.

Head of Visual Arts – Sheraz Salama

“Studying art is a journey. It’s one that involves heavy exploration into personal ideas and self-expression. The subjects call for innovation and creativity, encouraging students to challenge themselves in order to reach their full potential.” – Shaira Martinez, Year 12 student