Sport & P.E

Sport |Physical Education | Health

Thornbury High School’s Physical Education and Health Department offers students a wide range of opportunities, both practical and theoretical based. The Health curriculum embraces a range of issues and factors that are significant in the lives of young people, while our Phys Ed. practical classes aim to not only expose students to a wide range of sports and activities, but to encourage the development of lifelong healthy habits.

Thornbury High School provides quality Sport and Physical Education programs for all students by providing a broad range of activities and allowing students to participate in district, regional, state and interstate sport. Team and Individual activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Baseball, softball, cricket, tennis, badminton, table tennis

  • Basketball, football, volleyball, netball, soccer, futsal

  • Swimming, athletics, cross country

Thornbury High School always ensures that our students represent the school with pride and great sportspersonship. We are very proud of the strong participation rates throughout the interschool sport program and boast a great deal of success throughout the Darebin Division, with many of our teams going on to represent the school at the Northern Metropolitan Region Championships every year.

House Swimming Carnival

One of the highlights of our sports calendar is the House Swimming Carnival, which takes place in Term 1. This is a compulsory event for Year 7 and 8 students, whilst students in other year levels are highly encouraged to participate. Held in sunny conditions, it’s a great day of sportspersonship, with all students keen to get involved and compete for their House. Outstanding students may go on to compete at the Northern Metropolitan Championships later in the Term.

Athletics Carnival

Our House Athletics Carnival is the main sports highlight for the year, with the whole school coming together for the event. It is an extremely busy (but also extremely enjoyable) day for everyone, with many students keen to participate in various events and compete for their respective Houses. From here, many of our students go on to represent the School at the Darebin Division Athletics Carnival later in the Term, an event in which Thornbury High School has dominated in recent years, winning the last 5 in a row.

Thornbury High School Football Development Academy

In 2015, Thornbury High School achieved outstanding results in Soccer, with two of our teams reaching the State Final in extremely tough competitions. This has led to the creation of the Thornbury High School Football Development Academy, which launched in 2016.

The Academy is run twice weekly, external to all classes, with students involved in skill-based, strength, and conditioning training. The main focus of the Academy is on athlete development, and allows training staff to monitor the progress that students make throughout the year.

Students train early in the morning (before school) and during lunchtimes to improve the necessary skills to become more well-rounded athletes. Throughout the year, these students also have opportunities to play in competitive tournaments, as well as in organised matches against schools with similar programs. With the support of the School, we are very proud of the Academy and look forward to its future success in years to come.

House Teams

For both the Athletics and Swimming carnival students compete in house groups. The four houses at THS are named BLAIR, ONUS, NICHOLLS and SAUNDERS, after prominent Indigenous Australians.

  • SAUNDERS: Named for Reg Saunders, a military hero from WWII.

  • BLAIR: Named for Harold Blair, a Queensland cane cutter who was awarded a scholarship to the Melbourne Conservatorium. This took him to New York where he became a famous opera singer.

  • ONUS: Bill Onus, a successful businessman, was particularly active in politics after joining the Aboriginal Progressive Association in 1939 and was prominent in the early campaign for civil rights.

  • NICHOLLS: Sir Pastor Doug Nicholls was one of the smallest players ever to play Aussie Rules football for Victoria.