English | Literature

English is a core subject of the Victorian education curriculum, and forms the foundation of student learning at a high school level. The study of Literature and/or English, as a subject, is compulsory for all students undertaking the VCE.

At Thornbury High School, the subject of English runs from Years 7 to 12, and students learn how to identify and engage with a the wide variety of media, literary, and visual texts that they encounter on a day-to-day basis. This involves close study of key novels, films, and journalistic material.

In the lower Year levels, English focuses on developing foundational literacy and analytical skills, which form the basis of further study at VCE. 

Literature is offered as a VCE elective subject, and allows students to explore novels and play texts in close detail, through a critical analytical lens.

Highlights from 2017/2018 include:

  • The annual Book Week celebrations, which involves the highly-competitive Character Parade, and genre-themed activities.
  • Year 7 virtual reality workshops with internationally renowned performance artists, Aphids.
  • Special guest lecture and Q & A with Australian author, Steven Herrick, talking about his book “Love, Ghosts And Nose Hair”.
  • Year 10 students participated in Writers Workshops at La Trobe University, involving a number of renowned Australian authors.

Head of English – Lisa Dunne