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Design Technology | Food Technology

Food Tech – Food Specialisations

At Thornbury High School, a variety of Food Technology subjects are offered to students across all year levels. Students can elect to study Food Studies & Patisserie from Year 8, and continue throughout their VCE. This subject is a popular choice for students interested in cooking, nutrition, product development, environmental sustainability, recipe design and global cuisine. The subject balances both practical and theoretical aspects of food preparation with complementary design skills necessary to present food in an industrial capacity. Studying this subject not only gives students a vital skill that they will use for life, but can lead them into the ever evolving food, health, and hospitality industries.

At Thornbury High School, students work with the latest cooking equipment in a commercial-grade kitchen and a newly renovated domestic kitchen. Students also get the chance to cater for school events, be involved in a recipe challenge competitions, and learn from industry people in the Food Industry.

Highlights include:

  • Creation and presentation of the Year 10 Asian Banquet, showing off a variety of advanced cooking techniques.
  • Participation in the annual Thornbury High School Bake-Off.
  • Menu construction, food preparation, and dish presentation of student recipes (as guest catering) for the annual Create Week exhibition launch, and Create Guest Speaker Night.

Design Tech – Materials Specialisations

Design & Technology subjects introduce Year 7 and 8 students to the design process, emphasizing creativity in idea development and skill in technical refinement, encouraging an inventive manipulation of a broad range of materials and techniques.

Students investigate and select from a range of technologies. They consider the ways characteristics and properties of technologies can be combined to create designed solutions to problems for individuals and the community, considering society and ethics, and economic, environmental and social sustainability factors.

This hands-on experience at junior levels provides students the opportunity to confidently select specific pathways as they advance to the elective program in Years 9 and 10.

Head of Technology – Cameron Baird