The Thornbury High School library is a purpose-built facility that caters for a range of learning needs. In addition to housing a collection of over 40,000 fiction, non-fiction, and educational resources, the Library also provides classroom learning spaces, student access to ICT facilities, and focused study resources (such as the Homework Club) that are available to all students, across all year levels.

The THS Library boasts:

  • Over 40,000 items in the collection.

  • Non-fiction titles for use in research tasks across all faculties.

  • An extensive graphic novel and manga collection.

  • A designated Wide Reading Room, and private study areas.

  • Access to two PC labs, a classroom Smartboard, and projection facilities.

The THS Library is open before school, after school, and at lunchtimes.

Homework Club


The THS Homework Club runs every Monday and Wednesday until 4pm.

The Homework Club provides students with a structured study environment outside of class time, fostering self-directed learning and independent study skills.

Students are supervised by two teaching staff (one from English/Humanities and one of Mathematics/Science), providing specialised study support across numerous areas of learning.

Students also have access to the full range of computers, library books, and facilities during this study session. Entry to the Homework Club is via the Library main doors.

Library News

Thornbury High has just purchased 1000+ titles from the Lexile collection! These are listed by reading age, allowing staff to better target individual students to improve their literacy.

New books in the Collection:

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Premier’s Reading Challenge

Reading-Challenge-ImageNow in its 11th year, the Premier’s Reading Challenge is an annual staple at Thornbury High School. The Challenge: to read 15 books from the PRC list by the beginning of September, and promote literacy and language learning amongst young people.

All Year 7 and 8 students participate in the Challenge as part of their English coursework, and other students may participate by request.

For more information on the challenge, head to the office website here.

THS Magazine Online Archive

This year, our dedicated library staff have commenced a mammoth undertaking to make past school Magazines accessible in digital format. Each Magazine must be scanned and formatted by hand, and slowly but surely, our archive is growing! You can download PDFs of the Magazines archived so far by clicking on the links below.

THS Magazine (1992)
THS Magazine (1993)
THS Magazine (1994)
THS Magazine (1997)
THS Magazine (1998)
THS Magazine (1999)
THS Magazine (2000)
THS Magazine (2001)
THS Magazine (2002)
THS Magazine (2003)
THS Magazine (2004)
THS Magazine (2005)
THS Magazine (2006)
THS Magazine (2008)
THS Magazine (2009)